Welcome! Doors to the Creativity Blossoms Unschooling Sanctuary are now open.

Are you yearning for a sanctuary where you can prioritize self-care, relaxation, and creativity, surrounded by like-minded unschooling moms?

Our community is a nurturing space where your self-care practices are encouraged and where you can unwind, and explore your creative passions alongside a supportive community. In addition to fostering a sense of well-being, our community provides a safe haven for conversations on self directed education and respectful parenting.

Find support, share experiences, celebrate victories, and navigate challenges together in a judgment free community where you are truly understood and radically accepted.

What do you actually get?

  • A community space for questions, connection and interaction
  • Topic based threads such as creative hobbies (painting, crochet, sewing and others), books, resources, menstrual awareness, tea room and many more!
  • 1 private live per week (focused on unwinding, relaxing music, healing art)
  • Fun challenges and swaps between members
  • Discount on future retreats specially made for unschooling moms
  • Member discount on the Creativity Blossoms online store
  • Pay per session opt-ins creative workshops

So are you ready to CONNECT, CREATE and CHILL?

Register below to get the link to join this free community: